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MRP Plus ERP software for Manufacturers serves all kinds of manufacturing environments.

MRP Plus Modules include MRP, Inventory Control, Customer Service, and full financial subsystems.

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Sales order processing, Invoicing & Sales Analysis Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Costing, General Ledger and Financial Reporting Purchasing & Shop Floor Control Bill of Materials, Inventory Control, Work Orders and Capacity Planning Engineering Change Orders, Material Requirements Planning, Physical Inventory & Quoting Download the Concepts Guide and Register for MRP Plus evaluation in the Cloud! Download the Concepts Guide and Register for MRP Plus evaluation in the Cloud!


Written in Microsoft’s most recent versions of Access and Visual Basic, MRP Plus is a fully graphical MRP/ERP software package designed to run in the Microsoft Windows environments. Using client server based technology, all data is maintained in one central location for access by all. Additionally, Multiple locations can be supported in a thin client environment locally, and via internet connection.

MRP Plus seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s Word and Excel. It’s web
reporting, customer and vendor web site hooks, and it’s integration capabilities
with many third party products provide you with the technical advantage your
company needs to compete in today's competitive markets!

MRP Plus is feature rich. It is an integrated, on-line, real-time, closed-loop, net-change manufacturing, service, planning, control and analysis ERP software package. It encompasses and integrates all the major functions of todays manufacturing company with expanding capabilities for the future.

MRP Plus is an integrated ERP software management system: Both the manufacturing and financial management operations are integrated throughout the software. This enables decision-makers in all departments, at all levels of the company to work together using the same set of numbers. Managers are provided with the communication tools to understand each other’s needs.

With MRP Plus, managers have immediate, on-line access to information vital to the organization. Data generated from Order Processing, Purchasing, Material Requirements Planning, and Accounting is at your fingertips. Performance can easily be measured in a number of areas to include: Inventory Control, Material Shortages, Quality Control, Customer Service, Productivity and Cash Management. By providing timely information, MRP Plus assists you in balancing customer requirements against production costs and inventory dollars. It also provides the tools to efficiently schedule the utilization of resources.

MRP Plus is a closed-loop, net change manufacturing software system. It plans and generates requirements using modern production and inventory control techniques. It tracks open orders, allocations of parts to manufacturing and shipping, and provides visibility of an overall inventory status. It notes exceptions (i.e., changes to plans that required parts to be ordered or expedited, etc.), allowing you to plan inventories and manufacturing operations to satisfy current or any future needs. When the planning is done in a Net Change mode, changes to your production plan can be efficiently executed. Only those items that have had activity will be re-planned.

All 23 modules are delivered with the MRP Plus manufacturing software suite including many premium sub-systems such as Location and Lot / Serialization control, Engineering Change Orders and advanced Shop Capacity Scheduling. This helps take the guesswork out of deciding what to buy and allows you to implement different features as your company requirements grow without having to purchase them at a later date.